Everything You Must Know About Preparing For Your First Driving Lesson

Everything You Must Know About Preparing For Your First Driving Lesson

When it comes to taking driving lessons in Canberra, Australia, there are a lot of things that can seem intimidating. Being behind the wheel itself can seem daunting. However, once you have taken lessons from a reliable driving school like passfirstgo.com.au, and secured a license, you will experience that it gives you immense freedom.

Then again, it is important to remember that driving does give freedom, but it even brings along a lot of responsibilities. So, to ensure that you learn proper driving techniques, and become a responsible driver, it is crucial to prepare yourself before the first driving lesson.

Besides, driving lessons Canberra doesn’t need to be scary, but rather it should seem like an adventure. So, let see how you can prepare yourself for it…

Preparing before the first driving lesson

  1. Understand the arrangement of a common car

Certainly, there are many different cars on the road, and all of them are different from one another. However, there are some basic features which you will find with every car, this includes:

  • Steering wheel
  • Accelerator pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Clutch pedal
  • Gearstick
  • Rearview mirrors
  • Indicators and lights

Depending on the car you are in – manual, automatic, or hybrid, these features might change.

  1. Carry only the essentials

When going for a driving lesson, make sure you don’t carry anything extra. Well, you certainly don’t want to forget your learner’s license. Next, if you need, carry your cell-phone, but keep in mind you won’t be using it at all while driving. After all, it is both dangerous and against the law.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

If you are driving, it doesn’t mean you are going to sit still in the seat. You will be moving and turning to check on rearview mirrors, blind spots for driving and reversing, etc. So, ensure you are wearing something which gives your arms and legs the freedom to move comfortably.

Also, you will be operating accelerator, brakes, and clutch (if in a manual car), and thus wearing a comfortable pair of shoes will allow your feet to more freely.

  1. Relax – it’s a lesson, not test

Being tense will disturb both your focus and vision. So, sit back and try to focus on what your instructor is saying. Besides, on the first day, you will just be learning some basics of driving, and not even be driving in traffic.

  1. Sleep well the night before your first driving lesson, and make sure to drink and eat before the lesson

All these things will help you stay focused, alert, and energetic, and that is exactly what you want to be when behind the wheel. It is a practical thing to carry a water bottle to the test.

In your first driving lesson, primarily focus on what the instructor is saying. It will seem like a lot is going around, but ensure that you listen to the instructor thoroughly. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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