Tips to Visiting Lisbon With Tight Budget 2019

Tips to Visiting Lisbon With Tight Budget 2019

Lisbon tour can be made memorable and also keep your expenses within budget. The expense that tops the list are flight tickets and accommodation. You can reduce them by booking flights far-in-advance as airlines tend to increase their rates as plane starts to fill up. Therefore, best time for booking flight tickets are when the list gets released that is 9 months prior departure date.


In terms of accommodation, you can opt for last minute deals but they are generally for luxury rooms and that too outside peak season. You can book a room far-in-advance at a hotel, where there is no need for deposit or no penalty to change or cancel the booking. You can visit TripIndicator to get to know about how to find cheap accommodations far-in-advance or when is the right time to visit Lisbon on budget.

Travel around

Walking is the best way, you can enjoy Lisbon. However, this compact city is very hilly, so buy a day pass [Viva Viagem], so as to avoid some walking. Lisbon has the most wonderful tram line and this pass will allow you to take a ride on the popular 28 trams and visit the iconic funiculars. Airport taxi transfers are costly but use the metro that links the entire city. The hop-on, hop-off bus tours are also a good way of exploring the capital in any way you desire.

Lisbon bus tours reviews are optimistic with tourists feeling satisfied about the flexible duration options, exclusive discounts, and friendly staff. Hop-on, hop-off bus tours allow to see around more of this city.

Food options

Plenty of inexpensive family owned restaurants are there in Lisbon neighbourhoods like Mouraria, Graca, and Alfama. They serve tasty meat dishes and fresh fish for very less. ‘Pratos do Dia’, ‘Mini Prato’, and ‘Bifana’ are budget friendly favourites. For dessert, there are the famous Pastel de Nata and a plethora of sugary pastries in Lisbon. Snacks like ‘croquettes’ and ‘rissois’ are savoury and great to help maintain energy between means for ascending and descending the city hills.

Places to visit

  • Castelo de Sao Jorge – Caste is a combination of engaging museum, impressive battlements, and captivating archaeological site, which makes it a rewarding experience for tourists.
  • Mosteiro dos Jeronimos – This 16th century monastery is offered an accolade of UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Oceanario de Lisboa – Europe’s largest and finest aquarium is home to array of marine animals and fish of every shape and size.
  • Museu Calouste Gulbenkian – Price artworks collected within a span of 4000 years can be seen. Pieces belong to different historical periods ranging from ancient Egyptian era to late 20th
  • Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga – Great cultural attraction, which exhibits 15th and 16th centuries Portuguese paintings.

What to do?

  • Choose a sunset guided tour on Tagus River.
  • Sail on vintage cargo boat, explore Lisbon’s stunning skyline and look at the popular landmarks.
  • Join walking and biking tours.
  • Couples can even choose night, dinner, brunch or lunch cruise.
  • Lisbon also hosts food tours for gourmet lovers.

Lisbon does appear to have pleasing weather, good cuisine, plenty to appreciate and do!

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