Do You Know Why People Prefer to Take River Cruise While in France?

Do You Know Why People Prefer to Take River Cruise While in France?

Most of you must have heard about ocean cruising however nowadays river cruising is also becoming popular. If your ever visit France then don’t miss the opportunity to see France on cruise in Seine river, which will surely be an unforgettable experience. You will start from one city and when you wake up next morning you will find yourself in some other city of France.

Following are few good reasons why people prefer to travel by cruise. You may visit cruise tours to know more details and booking for your cruise travel.

  • It is very good value for your money

When you book for cruise travel then the fare, they will charge will include everything that you may need during vacation. Unlike ocean cruise where you have to pay extra for beverages, tips, guide charges and many such things besides the fare, here you will not get any hefty bill at the end of the travel, and everything is included in initial cost.

  • You need not worry about food or lodging

If you are worrying about transportation, food or lodging then relax. Everything has been well thought out for all throughout your itinerary and you can just enjoy and have fun.

  • You can develop intimacy

Usually river ships are not too large as they have to travel under low level bridges and hence the largest ship may contain not more than 200 passengers. Therefore, you can develop closeness even with some of the crew members too while travelling.

  • River cruising is more casual

Here there are no reserved tables and hence you can find your table for dining at any place you like. You can wear your casual dress and no need to wear your tie or suit. You can wear any dress in which you are comfortable and mingle with people.

  • Never get bored

Ships may sail calmly on the river but inside the ship you will find action packed events that will continue to excite you. You can participate in number of games, attend some interesting lectures, enjoy meals and many other activities that will never let you get bored at all. If you want to relax in your room then you can watch flat screen TV installed there where you can surf different channels.

  • No chance of getting seasickness

There are no heavy currents like sea as river currents are pretty easy. There may be few speedboats passing your ship and other than that there will be no waves and you will have absolutely smooth sailing.

  • Need not worry about sinking

Rivers are usually not so deep like sea and even if the ship sinks, you can go to top of the deck and will remain safe. There are no sea sharks present here.

  • Luxurious rooms

These days, the ships have very luxurious rooms with double beds and various amenities in it. You can also get outside view through glass window.

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