Complete Travel Advice and Guiding Tips While you’re Moving to Canada from UK

Complete Travel Advice and Guiding Tips While you’re Moving to Canada from UK

Canada is situated in the northern section of North America. As per the area coverage which extends from Atlantic to Pacific and in north direction to Arctic Ocean, it is considered the world’s second biggest country. Canada isn’t densely populated and majority of the area is covered with tundra and forests. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and the biggest metropolitan cities are Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto.

Due to heavy greenery and forests, it has become a source of tourism for people. Tourism also helps in the growth of economy in Canada. However, if you’re planning to travel to Canada from UK then here are few things to keep in mind –

  • Planning
  • Packing necessary items
  • Preparation


Obviously if you have planned your tour to Canada then the first thing that you have looked into is arranging flight tickets. You need to compare the prices of all airlines and booked tickets from the site that give you good discount. However, instead of keeping email or message of the ticket, it is sensible to get a printout. Yes, the world is going green but your battery may go off at the entrance gate of the airport, so it is safe to have the printout. Arrange all documents like boarding pass, ticket and ID proof in a pouch so that you have all together and don’t waste time looking for them.

The most important thing for all UK citizens is to get ETA form filled and applied. British residents don’t need to submit an application for visa but they do have to apply for online Electronic Travel Authorization. There are some countries that fall under this category, rest countries have to apply for Canada visa online. Hence, whenever you plan to travel to Canada, find whether your country is approved for visa or ETA. You don’t want to reach airport and realize that because your ETA isn’t complete thus, your ticket has been cancelled. It is a quick formality if all your required documents are authentic.

Packing necessary items

Check your hand baggage properly so that nothing can stop you in security. Also ensure that you have all your gear storage items with you if you wish to enjoy, all sporting activities like mountain biking, climbing, snowboarding etc. in Canada. Also, before booking tickets, you should know if your airline allows gear storage.

Canada has an unpredictable weather. If it is hot in days then, it is chilly in nights. Therefore, you need to have proper clothes which can save you from flu accordingly. Camera is a must if you’re traveling to a place that is full of scenic beauty. You want to enjoy all these places and capture them as memories for future.


Two things that are utmost important are currency that is used in Canada, CAD, and a translation app to understand and speak to people. Currency can be changed in any foreign exchange centre. Although it is a tourist place so people ensure that they know English so that tourists don’t face any problems. However, local people still have language barrier. To become friendly with them it is good to talk to them in their native language.

While you arrange your trip for Canada, book the best hotel and talk to them for transportation. This way on reaching airport, there wouldn’t be any hassle of waiting in queue for cab. Plan an exciting and memorable trip to Canada.

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