Simple Tips to Restore Healthy Lips – CBD Infused Lip Balms to the Rescue

Simple Tips to Restore Healthy Lips – CBD Infused Lip Balms to the Rescue

Many religiously follow a regular hair care and skin routine, but more often lips go neglected. Lips need different kind of attention than our skin. They are soft and thin making them prone to cracks and chaps. Lip care should be given as much importance of skincare as healthy-looking lips would accentuate your facial glow.

Need for lip care:

The presence of less oil gland in the lips doesn’t provide enough protection to our lips. All through the year our lips are subject to harsh environmental conditions. Unlike skin, lips don’t naturally secrete melanin to keep away harsh sunlight. The condition of your lips is also an indication of dehydration and imbalanced diet.

Do you find your lips dark/ unhealthy? It’s never too late to start taking care of your lips. Lips balms serve as the key to lush and hydrated lips. With regular use of high-quality lip balms, you can get rid of chapped lips. It is important to select a lip balm with the right ingredients that nourish your lips. Not all lip balms in the market serve their purpose.

Use CBD for healthy-looking lips:

CBD has established its place in many stuff including soaps, beverages, shampoos, chocolates and it is a huge hit in the beauty industry. CBD lip balm is the answer for your lip care needs. Visit for the best quality CBD infused lip balm. They are the top CBD vendors in Florida featuring a wide of high-quality CBD beauty products.

Their CBD infused super-hydrating lip-balm is made of pure CBD, shea butter, vitamin E oil and coconut oil and nourishes your lips. It is formulated t take care of all common problems that will occur in lips including:

  • Chapping: Chapping could occur during any season. Applying lip balms rich in Vitamin A, C or E everyday helps in preventing chapped lips.
  • Splitting: Lips can get cracked due to environmental conditions like dry air, cold weather or wind exposure. Apply a hydrating lip-balm every night before bed to combat dry lips.
  • Lipstick bleeding: The skin around the mouth could lose collagen and elastic tissue due to aging or smoking. Your lipstick could run off/ smudge due to dry lips. Apply lip balm generously prior to wearing lipstick to avoid lipstick bleeding.

Lip-care tips:

After including lip balm into your daily lip care routine, it could take quite some time to see results. Include these home remedies to maintain healthy lips.

  • Stay hydrated: Dry lips are a sign of dehydration. Drink minimum 8 glasses of water a day and stay hydrated.
  • Ditch products that could harm your lips: The make-up products we use make us look good, but some of the chemicals used like camphor may be harsh on the lips.
  • Aloe vera: The healing properties of aloe vera need no introduction. You could apply it daily before bed
  • Lemon juice: Use lemon juice as a scrub to eliminate dead skin.
  • Refrain from touching and licking your lips: Constant touching and licking leaves your lips drier.

Make way for healthy and lush lips. Use CBD infused lip balms for quick results.

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